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Spoiiled Brat


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Spoiiled Brat
About Me: 
It's @ll Bouh Meh....It's Mii World Yo @sz iiS Juss ViiSiiTiin..I'm Juss Pl@yiin...H@h@ Not....Buh Ye@...I'm Most Ov@ Th@ Tiime @ L@iid B@qk Chylliin Type Person...Buh Dun Get Me Wrong...ii Aiin't Niice....Yuh Bess Beliieve...C@use I H@ndle Mii Shyt...Buh Ye@h I Am Kool @ft@h ii Get Tah Know Yooh...Buh Tha Fiirst Thiing Yooh Gun Notiiced iiSh I Dun T@ke No Shyt Frum Nobody...I Be Re@l Wiit Yooh...Be Re@l Wiit Meh...C@use If Yooh Gun Liie @t Le@st Dun Be All Close Up In Mi Griill...Cause Yooh Miight Get Hurt....Plus Le@ve Your Comments On Sumbodii Else P@ge If Yooh Gun Beh @n H@t@h/F@ke/2F@ced Triick Or Nucc@h!!!!!! Buh Ye@ I Liike T@h Chyll, @nd Beh Meh Siince Nobody Else C@n Beh Meh..
City, State: 
Chicago IL
What's your favorite album: 
Da REAList , Defintion Of Real , The Real Testament
What's your favorite song: 
ii Luv aw Plies Songs But Dez Da 1s ii Put On Reply...Family Straight,Spend The Night, Somebody Loves You, #1 Fan,Rich Folk,Shawty,Runnin My Momma Crazy,Murkin Season, Kept It Too Real ... ii Luv "She Got It Made" ii feel he made dat juz 4 me!!
What are your hobbies: 
Drawiin,Braiidiin Haiir
What is your twitter name: 
What are your favorite websites: 
Me& lol