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S.b.d Kay.k aka Goonet


S.b.d Kay.k aka Goonet's picture
Member name: 
S.b.d Kay.k aka Goonet
About Me: 
I am a younge school girl.,Still a virgen an i am very suprise,I hate fake niggas an bitches,Know i no when you keep it to real you just fall i realize when people say love is blind is not a joke,my real an full name is ,,(kayvon aka Cry Baby aka Wifey,aka Dragon aka Shoty ,aka No Trus,aka Ride or Die aka Boss Lady,aka Tiny Bka,Kay.K <bka> S.B.D KAy.k The leader of Sexy but deadly Aka S.b.d an agin i Love the rain.
City, State: 
Freeport Grand Bahama
What's your favorite album: 
Da Realist,The Real Testament
What's your favorite song: 
Spend The Night & Keep It to Real
What are your hobbies: 
Rapping,Danceing,Singin,Reading&Sport (all)
What is your twitter name: 
dont have one
What are your favorite websites: