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Born in the 80's a summer baby!! I have big dreams..have many talents but master of none as of yet but I mos def will be working on perfecting one or more of my skills. Truly a cancer{zodiac sign} it amazes me at times when my horoscope co signs the way i feel & etc. I enjoy reading, writing, meditating, playing sports for fun, discovering things about myself & many other things that will take forever to add to a list..I also love to learn new things...I'm the person who wants to know everything about everything but not to walk around acting like a know it all but for my own pleasure. I also dnt believe everything i hear or read unless it co-signs with my spirit and my own common sense. I'm everything lovable until provoked :-) I like this line in independent woman...".but you'll never know her softer side by looking in her eyes" because it describes me so much... alot of ppl say i look mean but i'm not.. I'm..... something special.
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Elizabeth, NJ
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She got it made {new fave}
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reading and writing
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