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About Me: 
I am a down ass bitch, with a great head on her shoulders. I have been up, down, here, there, and all around. In my 30 years I have only had to niggaz touch me through their music and they are GIZ out of GARDENA and PLIES (I know this is your site Plies, but Giz is my Cuzzo so I had to list him first). Anyways, I would just love the chance to meet Plies and chop it up........Ok, ok, ok I do want to fuck the shit out of PLIES, but fuck, who doesn't??????
United States
City, State: 
Las Vegas, NV
What's your favorite album: 
I Fuck With The DJ
What's your favorite song: 
Down Bitch, 100 Years, Let's Get It
What are your hobbies: 
Writting, cooking, listening to music, shooting pool.........
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What are your favorite websites: 
FaceBook, any poetry site