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About Me: 
I am a 29 year old College Student(that graduates in June 2010) I have no kids, but I do have a 2year old red nose Pit bull, which I consider my child. I am from NC, which makes me a southern bell. I LOVE to cook (Iron chief status) and go fishing. I sound country don’t I? I also have a thing for guns, but that’s another side of me. I am just a young woman trying to make it in life, and going to. Well that’s enough about me everything else is none of your business…. Just joking
City, State: 
Raleigh NC
What's your favorite album: 
I dont have a favorite, all Plies Albums rank #1 in my CD Player.
What's your favorite song: 
right now it's........"The Letter"
What are your hobbies: 
fishing,cooking,writing books, going to the gun range...SHOPPING when I got some bread..
What is your twitter name: 
I dont have one, nor know anything about a twitter.
What are your favorite websites: