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Is Plies One Of The Best Rappers

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on Thu, 12/17/2009 - 4:05pm

I Thank e is caus everything he put out is the shit

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plies is the best and my favorite. whether people believe it or not he sets the tone for rap music. no other rapper has beats that goes as hard as his. no other rapper was talking about becky or goons before him. what other rapper pays people's way through college? no one. he can always be known as da realist because he is. he wears the crown for it, or should i say ski mask? anyway he's the best rapper. the end.

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dang i gtta say plies da realist rapper i knw,he knw how 2 put words ryt,he go on from tokin sex and den da real life tok.i love dis from zimbabwe but live in botswana and tellin people bout plies dey doen't get me,but i knw inside det he real.i experienced ol dis he tok from da snitchin 2 runnin from cops and stayin in ma own lane 2 being real,man i find ma self playin diz tracks widout even knowin it,ol i want ryt now iz da record stores round here to make sure dey can get da next ''goon affiliated'' in time,its true we ol goon affiliated.i run on ma own coz da foul palyers iz workin round here its krazy,

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Plies is the best rapper in my eyes because whenever times are rough... in goes Plies CD. Some of his songs have helped me through shit that real people go through. I'm just a white boy that lives in the middle of nowhere (originally from Ft. Myers) and I aint "G" or none of that but I can relate to his music. I grew up down there. Seen alot, went threw alot. I guess thats one reason. I race sprint cars and guess who's playin in my iPod when I'm racing? Yep... Dude is just down to earth and well rounded from his life situations. I caught some serious charges and the whole time I would just throw his CD in and be good. That song: Where he's talking about SOMEBODY gotta be goin home really lifted my head threw it. DA REAList fo sho!

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Well das yur thinkings because i think he is the best there is he talk real thing that goes on an he dont just say thing about guns an drugs all the time he talks abut thing like money dat make da wrould go aroungd ,family things you cant pick an choose,an he makes sony for the ladys/not nasty an rough,romantic,So he is the Realist top goon ,12 star Goon @dat

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Since Pac Is Gone, Plies Is THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE, All These Other Rappers Are Pop And Clownin They Selves Out, Their Are Few Rappers That I Listen To Now, I Use To Rock With Wayne, But He's Clowned Himself Out, G~Unit, If It Aint Banks I Aint Tryna Hear It...Really There Is No One Left...Plies Is All This Industry Has And Props Are Not Being Given Where Props Are Due. Wheres My Niggas Award{S} At? {I Know U Said U Aint Trippin Off It Plies, But As One Of Ur Biggest Fans I AM!!} Like Seroiusly? I Dont Even Watch Award Shows Anymore Because They Fixed And I Dont Agree With Whos Winning These Awards, Let Me Do An Award Show, Im Givin Plies A Few, D~Block A Few, Gucci A Few, Mabey Boosie And Jezzy, And My Homeboy 5krap{Hold Ya Head} Who's Hotter Then Most Of These "Rappers" They Aint Even Rappers No More, I Dont Know What The Fuck To Call Em' Anymore.

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yeah he is hottt! I love plies.. hes truly da realist!


and he dont always rap about how much money he got....... its always based on a real life situation that he's been through or someone close to him has been through and thats what i love about his music...... and him is that he keeps it 100... not like so of these other fake ass rappers........

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Plies entern be the poet of the streets

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R u serious???? All his shit is real as fuck!!!


yea he is.... aint no rappers out that had 3 albums in 16 months and u can listen to every song and not skip one..... on every album..... so yea i can say he's the best rapper........

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hell ya

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Plies is one of the best rapper cuz he keeps his songs in the streets instead of going commercial