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She Got It Made

She Got It Made

Average: 4.9 (30 votes)
Posted by: Webcrew

She Got It Made

She Got It Made

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on Mon, 04/19/2010 - 9:35am
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She Got It Made

Average: 4.9 (30 votes)


esna's picture

hell yeah he gon and dun it agn.. goonette 4 lyf! such a gawj vid! alwys has intstng videos plies! love it!

blove510's picture

I am really feeling how you are changing and growing. Not only as an entertainer but as a man. I like your music and I understand it is what you do to make a living but when I met you at the BET awards I realized that you are intellegent as well. I just thought that I would let you kne. I give you much love and support always.

brownsuga1079's picture

This is the song thats what up

Alize aka Allie's picture

hell yea i got it made jus lik dat yall in top notch bitches yall kant touch dis

tiebaby224's picture

sexxxxxxxxxxy mutha fukka.nice chest my big dadddddy

Honey_3's picture

plies you are thee man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mihapooh's picture

i no that my man wount me so that is all mines ok bithes$$$$$$$$

sexc18thik's picture

he making me bite my damn lip hard as hell shit omg i love u
love always becky aka ms washington

sexc18thik's picture

i love it omg u did it again daddy omg omg omg love u plies

legacy's picture

loving this video