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Plies "She Got It Made" Video Shoot

Plies "She Got It Made" Video Shoot
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On set of Plies' "She Got It Made" Video Shoot. Photo Credit: Andrew Zaeh

Posted by Michele
Average: 5 (1 vote)


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OMFGEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn he fine as shyt

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so dam sexi i jus cant stop sayin iht

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you so sexy, I hope our kids look like you hahaha lol no but for real real talk I aint no groupie Boo I just like what I see and know what I want to Love, ya' digg. We'd make a perfect family, lol you betta' holla at ya' girl. Dani Starr

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I like plies apperance he always looks natural in his pictures he looks real he does'nt look like he has on pounds of makeup like these other rappers.

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iiiiii admiRes thaT PhOtO iiiiM GOiiinG 2 FiiiX iiiT UHp wiiit my piiiiiC UL C WEN iii pOSt iT pLiiieS

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Plies I love you!!!! Omg you are so freakin cute it dont make no sense. I am your Real # 1 Fan emm..shol iz erbody else can get back lolz.

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man if you only knew what i was thinkin right now but if only ppl knew every song .. almost every song he made it for me ..... i love you daddy!!! shawty buss it baby kitty kitty you .... shit we got e hatin yep feel free to i would to if i were you ....

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I love this pic of u so sexy